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Building Social Skills:

Since PlayMais is the perfect activity for large groups of children, it helps to support the development of positive social behavior. By having to complete tasks as a team, children strengthen communication skills, and learn to approach problems and solve conflicts in a structured manner.

PlayMais is easy to play and craft with, allowing children to have quick results from their work, regardless of individual skill. This allows every child to be easily included in PlayMais activities.

Physical Development:

  • An easy transition from 2 dimensional crafting to 3 dimensional modeling.
  • Development of color recognition, and the understanding of time
  • Improvement of form and shape recognition
  • Enrichment of tactile sensations and improvement of fine motor skills

Ein Schulkind beim Basteln mit PlayMais

PlayMais® Craft Books

The PlayMais® Craft Book contains information on the number of PlayMais needed for various constructions and color recommendations, as well as illustrated step by step instructions.

PlayMais Bastelbuch kostenlos

The PlayMais® Craft Book is free to download and print!.


Using PlayMais in the Classroom

PlayMais® is extremely versatile, offering possible lessons in a wide variety of different subjects: English (learning ABC’s with the teacher book), Math (counting and fractions), Art at any level, and Physics for the modeling of atoms. PlayMais® offers creative ways to engage students in almost any lesson plan:

Art Class PlayMais® can be shaped, cut, and squeezed into any shape imaginable. It’s the ideal modeling material for any theme, as an individual or for group projects. It also sticks to a large variety of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, glass and clay, offering even more creative possibilities. Great for teaching colors and shapes.
Math Class Teach numbers and counting in a playful and engaging manner, as well as geometric shapes and forms. Aids in the development of general number sense.
Science Use PlayMais to talk about renewable resources and life cycles. Use our other printed material to talk about the seasons.
Chemistry Modeling atoms and compounds
English Use the teacher booklet for engaging lessons on the alphabet, have them build their names for colorful desk name tags
Free play and independent learning Use PlayMais for a sensory table as a unique tactile experience or craft with it to help improve fine motor skills

PlayMais® is great for group activity because it takes little skill to work with, allowing all children to easily be included, promoting the development of positive social skills.

PlayMais offers an engaging activity that focuses a child’s concentration on a single task. Even kids that have trouble concentrating quickly calm down, helping them sit still longer and raising their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

PlayMais® EDULINE products

Bucket 500
PlayMais Eimer Inhalt 500 Stück
Bucket 1000
PlayMais Eimer Inhalt 1000 Stück
PlayMais Anleitung

Buch 1st creations
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten: Buch 1st creations
Buch inspiration
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten: Buch inspiration
Buch cards
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten: Buch cards
Buch animals
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten: Buch animals (Tiere)
Buch playbook
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten: Buch playbook

The EDULINE series is available with PlayMais CLASSIC in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE, as well as in a MAXI for refills.

PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten kleiner Karton
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten mittlerer Karton
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten großer Karton
PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten Wiederbefüllung Karton nachkaufen

EDULINE MOSAIC is the perfect addition for kindergartens and educational facilities to complement their existing EDULINE assortment!

PlayMais für Schulen und Kindergärten Mosaic-Karton
PlayMais Anleitung


These sets feature various cards that help in the creation of simple 2D models. The pre-printed cards and available in black & white or in color with various educational themes.

PlayMais farbiges Kartenset zum Bekleben
PlayMais schwarz-weiß Kartenset zum Bekleben


These sets feature both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional cards. Kids learn through play to transition from 2D to 3D crafting.

PlayMais ABC Kartenset zum Basteln und Bekleben
Colors & Forms
PlayMais Colors & Forms Kartenset zum Basteln und Bekleben
PlayMais Kartenset mit Zahlen zum Basteln und Bekleben
PlayMais Kartenset Opposito zum Basteln und Bekleben
PlayMais Kartenset zum Basteln und Bekleben Jahreszeiten


The WORLD sets are great for aiding in the development of social skills between all age groups. Ideal for class projects! The sets consist of pre-printed and cut colored cardboard for the various scenes, with instructions and additional ideas.

PlayMais Set zum Basteln eines Bauernhofs
PlayMais Set zum Basteln eines Dschungelwelt
PlayMais Set zum Basteln einer Safari-Szene
PlayMais Set zum Basteln einer Unterwasserwelt


These sets consist of various 2 dimensional mosaic cards. These cards help especially with the development of fine motor skills. In order to create a mosaic, kids must match colors and shapes. Great for hand-eye coordination!

PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Friends zum Bekleben
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Pony zum Bekleben
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Sea (Meerestiere) zum Bekleben
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Traffic (Fahrzeuge) zum Bekleben
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Zoo (Tiere) zum Bekleben
Dream Fairy
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Dream Fairy (Feen) zum Bekleben
Dream Kitten
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Dream Kitten (Katzen) zum Bekleben
Dream Princess
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Dream Princess (Prinzessin) zum Bekleben
Dream Mermaid
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Dream Mermaid (Meerjungfrau) zum Bekleben
Little Farm
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Little Farm (Bauernhoftiere) zum Bekleben
Little Forest
PlayMais Mosaic Kartenset Little Forest (Waldtiere) zum Bekleben

PlayMais® CLASSIC Giant Wall Frieze

A giant frieze, an activity for a whole class!

Ideal for working in small groups to decorate the whole classroom, this frieze offers 28 plates in A3 format, illustrated in color, to complete on the theme of landscape (sea, countryside, forest, and mountain). It offers pedagogical support for the discovery and identification of landscapes and corresponding animals and plants, as well as shapes and colors. The children can complete it in small groups or individually. They can do this on the tables or directly on the wall according to their skill and age. This giant PlayMais® frieze makes it possible to approach artistic activities. But also language, vocabulary, discovery and understanding of the world and the environment, weather, simple and complex geometric shapes, chronology... Perfect for a classroom project or even for the whole school, it promotes collaborative work, oral expression and observation, fine motor skill and allows several avenues of exploitation over several weeks.

PlayMais Riesen Wandbild Landscape