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PlayMais® CLASSIC Giant Wall Frieze Landscape

A giant frieze, an activity for a whole class!

Ideal for working in small groups to decorate the whole classroom, this frieze offers 28 plates in A3 format, illustrated in color, to complete on the theme of landscape (sea, countryside, forest, and mountain). It offers pedagogical support for the discovery and identification of landscapes and corresponding animals and plants, as well as shapes and colors. The children can complete it in small groups or individually. They can do this on the tables or directly on the wall according to their skill and age. This giant PlayMais® frieze makes it possible to approach artistic activities. But also language, vocabulary, discovery and understanding of the world and the environment, weather, simple and complex geometric shapes, chronology... Perfect for a classroom project or even for the whole school, it promotes collaborative work, oral expression and observation, fine motor skill and allows several avenues of exploitation over several weeks.

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